Hyperbole, Caterwauling and Outright Lies

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With the passage of HB 38, the concealed carry reciprocity bill, we were treated to some really awesome examples of politicos and media pundits sending forth their anti-gun calls all over the socials and airwaves. Pretty much all of it is completely false and inaccurate, but hey, why let facts get in the way when you have an agenda to advance. The agenda, of course, is to ensure that the only people who own guns are government employees and criminals. This is pretty much the exact opposite of what our Founding Fathers intended, but again, when you have an agenda to push, let nothing stand in the way.

With that in mind, I thought I’d recap some of the most telling comments from our friends on the progressive left.


Maura Healey, State Attorney General, Massachusetts, called the prospect of nationwide concealed carry, “the next deadly loophole.” For an Attorney General, she doesn’t seem to have much of an understanding of how the law works. If a law is passed that would allow law-abiding citizens to carry their concealed handguns throughout the US, it’s not a loophole; it’s a law. She seems to think that people who have concealed carry permits are a serious and dangerous threat to police officers, despite evidence to the contrary. Concealed carry permit holders are in fact, more law-abiding as a group than police officers as a group. Moreover, there have been at least a dozen instances that I know of this year where a concealed carry holder has saved a police officer who was being assaulted by a criminal.

As I’ve said many times before and will say many times again, the last people you have to worry about are concealed carry permit holders. There seems to be this impression amongst some that anyone with a gun is an immediate threat to everyone around them. This is, of course, preposterous. Despite 20 years of crying “blood in the streets,” when states loosen restrictions on law-abiding citizens carrying firearms, there is no evidence that those folks are involved in any significant number of illegal shootings.


Such a great and underused word, caterwauling. The caterwauling award goes to the Los Angeles Police Chief, Charlie Beck, who claimed national concealed carry reciprocity poses “grave risks” were it to pass. Yes, that was his exact choice of words. Chief Beck apparently believes a group of citizens who currently protect themselves in their home states would suddenly turn into crazed killers bent on mayhem and destruction the moment they cross into the great state of California.

California of course, will become a Sanctuary State in 2018, allowing those who are here illegally to remain here illegally. However, law-abiding citizens who have followed their own state’s laws and processes to legally obtain a concealed carry permit—which by default means they have no criminal record or drug use problems—are a huge threat to the security of LA’s finest.

Sorry Charlie, my friends and I who chose to protect ourselves within the bounds of the law by carrying a handgun are not a risk to you or any of your officers. Perhaps you should worry about catching actual bad guys who are carrying guns illegally right this very second, because they don’t care if it’s legal or not.

Outright Lies

Our award for outright lies goes to another California politician, Nancy Pelosi. Now, it’s hard these days to tell what Nancy is thinking, but here was her fantastically factually wrong tweet:

Despite the outright lies of this tweet, it was still re-tweeted 6,000 times, and like 11,000 times. Crazy-talk. #StopLyingNancy

HB 38 doesn’t invite violent criminals to carry guns. In fact, violent criminals are prohibited from even owning firearms, much less carrying them. HB 38 doesn’t invite domestic abusers to carry guns. In fact, domestic abusers are prohibited from even owning firearms, much less carrying them. HB 38 doesn’t invite convicted stalkers to carry guns. You get the idea.

Nancy would have you believe that HB 38 makes legal all sorts of illegal activity. It doesn’t. There are two huge (or should I say yuge) problems with Nancy’s wrong-headed tweet. First, criminals are barred from owning guns, much less carrying them. HB 38 doesn’t change that. Second, criminals don’t care if they are breaking the law—they are criminals, after all—so they carry guns illegally anyway.

Nancy should know this. And maybe she does. But it doesn’t matter because she has an agenda to push. Nothing comes in the way of the agenda—keeping us from owning guns—so telling outright lies and using social media to spread those lies is all OK.

Actual Facts

With all the misinformation regarding concealed carry, you’d think there is no good that could come from concealed carry reciprocity. However, according to the CDC, we law-abiding citizens use guns to protect ourselves somewhere between 300,000 and 1,000,000 times per year. Most often, those DGUs (Defensive Gun Uses) don’t even result in a fired shot. As previously mentioned, concealed carry permit holders are among the most law-abiding people in the land. There is no evidence that allowing law-abiding people to carry in public is a danger to anyone—except criminals. CCW holders have even saved the lives of quite a few police officers, which may explain why 75% of cops favor legal concealed carry.

The other thing that all the opponents of legal concealed carry fails to mention (or doesn’t think about) is that criminals don’t care about the law. They carry guns illegally all the time. And, fun fact, if a convicted felon—a person barred from even owning a firearm—happens to live in a jurisdiction that requires registration of firearms, they are exempt from registration because it violates their Fifth Amendment rights of self-incrimination. Think about that for a moment; if a state like say, California enacts state-wide registration of guns (which they did starting Jan. 1, 2018), criminals won’t have to register the guns they illegally own. It will only be the law-abiding citizens who have to register. Does that make sense to anyone?

Let good people protect themselves as they see fit wherever they happen to be.

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