Why I Carry Concealed

Most people would never guess I’m carrying an XD Mod.2 4.0 w/ a full sized grip and a spare magazine

But there they are! Using a Vedder Light Tuck holster and Alien Gear mag carrier all on an Alien Gear belt.

Hopefully you’ve read my last few posts and learned why I carry a gun and why I carry it all the time, even in my home. Today, I’m going to explain why I carry said gun concealed when I’m out in public. For some people, this may not even be a topic worth addressing. When they think of a gun toting radical such as myself, they assume that I will be carrying it concealed—and that’s what scares them.

However, there is a not insignificant movement in the gun community that wants to open carry their firearms. They do this for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s  more comfortable than concealed carry (and it is, by and large). Others want to project a tough guy, protector, sheepdog kind of image. Still others are making a political statement. I’ll get into some of those arguments at some point, but today, I’m going to tell you why I have made the decision to carry concealed.

Guns Scare Some People

The simple fact of the matter is guns terrify some people. The only thing they know about them is what they see on the news, and that news is never good. Their assumption is that every single gun is designed for no other reason than to kill as many people as possible, and every single person who has a gun—especially someone carrying one openly on their hip!—must be out for blood.

This mindset is truly unfortunate. Over time I’m going to unpack some of those thoughts and invite some discussion about how we can change some minds. But today is not that day. Nor is tomorrow when I go to the coffee shop for a double shot of espresso. Or the next day when I run out for a burger.

Trying to convince someone who is terrified of guns that you’re a “good guy with a gun” while standing next to them with a gun on your hip is a losing argument. You have put yourself at a huge disadvantage, and you’re not going to convince them in the moment. So why pick a fight when I don’t need to. We already get enough negative press; I don’t want to add fuel to their fire.

I Don’t Want To Become a Target

While I have already articulated my decision to not be a helpless victim, I would much rather go about my day without being a target. I much prefer the “grey man” approach. I want to blend in, while remaining aware of what’s going on around me. I want to project confidence and awareness, not scream, “Come take my gun! It’s right here!”

Now I’m sure someone(s) will be leaving comments such as, “Ain’t no one gonna take my gun away from me! I’ll shoot their dumb ass for trying!” Whatever, tough guy. My point is, why invite the confrontation? Why give someone a reason to come at you. You will lose even if you win the fight. The months or years you will spend defending yourself in court along with the tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars it will cost are not worth it. Put on a shirt that covers the gun. Problem solved.

I Want a Tactical Advantage

One of the reasons concealed carry is such an effective deterrent against crime is that the criminals don’t know who is armed. Through interviews with real life actual criminals, we’ve found that they hate concealed carry. To them it is an affront, a completely unfair practice. They are used to getting what they want, when they want it and if they run up on someone who happens to be carrying a gun, it totally jacks their plan. I like that.

Moreover, if I happen to be at my favorite coffee shop enjoying my double shot, the last thing I want to be is the first guy shot because the thug busted in, saw my gun and took me out before I could draw. I’d much rather have a few seconds to find cover or concealment, stealthily draw my gun and take a shot if possible. Carrying concealed buys me that time. Now, I may still be the first one shot by sheer dumb luck. But probably not because I sit in the back corner of the place, facing the door.

Ultimately, I want to gain any and all advantages when I’m carrying a gun (which is all the time). None of this is a guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen to me, but if I can tip the odds in my favor—even a little bit—I’m going to do so. Those are the three main reasons I carry concealed.

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